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When surgery is done right, you'll heal faster. No matter if you've been injured, or if surgery has been recommended as part of your treatment, the expertly trained providers at Ali'i Health Center can get you on the road to recovery quickly. Schedule your appointment today.


Enjoy Peace-of-Mind with Trusted Surgeons

Ease your fear about your surgery, and enjoy peace-of-mind with one of our trusted and experienced surgeons. We have experience in: bariatric surgery, colorectal surgery, GERD treatments, and much more. Plus, we accept most insurance.


Experienced with Many Surgical Procedures

  • Consultation and assessment for bariatric surgery

  • Incision-less TIF procedure for treatment of GERD

  • Comprehensive breast evaluation program, which focuses on breast health and cancer detection


Accomplished Surgeons and Providers 

Our specialists are dedicated to giving their time, care and knowledge during each visit. Ali’i Health Center believes in the importance of each contact in the healing process. Our staff, from the PSRs to the Physicians take the time to listen to and assist every patient with their questions and concerns. Ali’i Health Center is committed to helping all patients achieve their health goals.


Dr. Tyler Cobb

Dr. Huddleston

David Huddleston, MD,FACS

Maria Oka, APRN.PNG

Maria Oka, APRN

Carmen "Lynda" Tsiopanas- APRN

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